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What’s this blog about?

It’s a blog to be added to. Guest writers are welcome! This year in Germany lots of new things will be happening. Some will be listed here in ‘news’ and some not, but if you follow this blog maybe you will be inspired to contribute your own blog contribution or news item (just a paragraph).

It’s written from Auckland, not Germany. As such, maybe it does have differences from being written from Berlin, maybe not. It doesn’t aim to contribute any particular perspective just from being written in a south pacific location.

The writer of this blog has lived in Berlin for awhile, however, and while there hopefully learned a little about the life in Germany, but is a freelance writer / journalist, who, really, just likes to write.

So follow the blog. It will hopefully be reasonably current (well, this year, anyway) and might even get a few brave individuals willing to contribute to it. Share it on forums or send me a message if you want to guest post. You’re welcome.

– Katrina Wood,
Auckland, New Zealand, 2021

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