A two-day international media forum in Germany kicks off with range of subjects of interests to journalists

by Katrina Wood, June 15, 2021: Auckland, New Zealand

published June 15, 2021 15:55 UTC +12
edited (photo added) Aug 26, 12:49 UTC +12

Germany, photo – pexels

Deutsche Welle is currently hosting a two-day global media forum in Germany.

The current Chancellor, Angela Merkel, spoke at the opening of the Forum.

The themes of the forum include a range of discussions such as the emerging topic of the value of what is being termed ‘constructive journalism’ , to subjects ranging from AI, it’s use – and also implications for human rights, to technology, to press freedom, and to many other subjects of interest to media, attendees and journalists.

The forum is running for two days on June 14 and 15, and is hosted by Germany’s national state broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW). It is called DW Global Media Forum. Participants can also attend online and listen to the livestream of the event from DW offices in Bonn.

The forum also addresses the current politics of Germany, providing interviews with several candidates running for this year’s later federal election. Angela Merkel, the current Chancellor of Germany, is stepping down this year, and will not be running again in the German September election.

by Katrina Wood
freelance writer / journalist

Katrina Wood is registered for – online – attendance at the event

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